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Terms & Conditions

  1. ALL PURCHASE ORDERS offered to us or accepted by us, verbally or in writing, are subject to ALL of these terms. Your acceptance of this clause is a condition of ALL orders placed with this company unless alternative terms have been agreed in writing with us. There are NO exceptions.
  2. ALL quotations are subject to approval of sample and are subject to alteration by us if circumstances beyond our control affects the specification of product, price or delivery date. NO claim of ANY type against us will be accepted due to any defect in any product supplied by us or any shortfall, delay or failure to deliver any product ordered, howsoever this may arise.
  3. Unless we specifically agree in writing, the CUSTOMER agrees to accept and pay for ALL goods, even if these goods have been the subject of delay or change in specification.

  4. ALL orders will be treated as separate contracts, individually subject to all of these terms, and will not be considered as related in any way. ALL orders fulfilled will be invoiced separately and must be paid for separately regardless of the status of any other orders that may be pending.
  5. It is the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER to ensure the accuracy and suitability of any samples or artwork or any other information supplied to us by or on behalf of the CUSTOMER.
  6. It is the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER to ensure that all goods supplied by us to the CUSTOMER are suitable for the purpose intended by the CUSTOMER. This must be ascertained prior to placing the purchase order. If the order is subject to approval of a sample, it is the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER to ensure the sample is suitable for the purpose intended.
  7. Shortfalls in the quantity delivered, missing goods, quality or specification discrepancies MUST be notified to us IN WRITING within 7 DAYS of receipt of the goods. It is the sole responsibility of the CUSTOMER to ensure the delivery is correct, both in terms of specification, quality and quantity.
  8. Samples may differ in some respects to the main delivery. This is because volume production methods differ to sample production. We will endeavour to keep such differences to a minimum but the CUSTOMER agrees to accept a delivery as long as the appearance of the product is SIMILAR to the sample, and the delivery is suitable for the intended use of the product.
  9. In the event of a material defect or change in quality or specification of product supplied, the product will normally be replaced free of charge at our sole discretion. If payment has been made either in part or in full for the product, the product will normally be replaced free of charge, but if such a replacement product is still defective, a refund will normally be given. Reasonable time will be allowed for such replacement, normally equivalent to the lead in time already quoted.
  10. The CUSOTMER must be aware of and fully understand that imported products, especially from non-Western countries, are usually much cheaper than the UK equivalent but are also of a more variable and inferior standard, quality and specification. Such products are considered acceptable unless the difference is very obvious and the product cannot be used. It is important to understand that supplying factories will usually replace such goods FOC but will rarely refund a delivery of a different or sub-standard quality and specification. We in turn will only replace goods not fit for the intended purpose and will NOT refund.

Terms of payment

I. Stock items.

Our payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice. A surcharge of 2% per month will be invoiced for
ALL payments received after 30 days. Goods will only be delivered following receipt of your order and your prior approval of a sample, unless otherwise agreed between us in writing.

II. Items made or ordered specially for the customer, INCLUDING ALL PERSONALISED ITEMS.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by us, the following terms apply:

Payment of 50% of the final invoice total is required immediately after completion of the following:

a) Receipt of your order.
b) Our written confirmation to you of our acceptance of your order.
c) Your written confirmation to us that the sample, if requested, is acceptable.
d) Our proforma invoice to you of 50% of the estimated final total.

Payment of the balance will be due on delivery as specified in the final invoice total.

Where goods are being manufactured overseas & imported to your specification, we require
50% OF INVOICE TOTAL IN ADVANCE, the balance of the invoice paid by IRREVOCABLE L/C

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is usually impossible to predict the exact total when manufacturing personalised items. Your order must allow for at least a 10% under or over supply. We will invoice for the total manufactured and payment will be required for the total manufactured.

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